Hi, I’m Saul. I’m a composer and I’d love to work on your next project! – Short Film

My name is Saul Bragman, I'm a composer. I've worked on a variety of different projects, ranging from award-winning short films to documentaries, animations and adverts. I have a passion in musical storytelling and absolutely love working on different sort of films. I can write in various genres and am comfortable with tight deadlines. I'm also very flexible regarding tight budgets.

I have composed a short piece put to film as a showcase of various styles and instruments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7-Ofz9KMKo&feature=youtu.be

Should you be further interested, I have also created a playlist featuring other examples of various styles and instrumentations: http://ift.tt/2ldUsUs

I'm London based but I'm always willing (and have done) to work with people internationally.

Thanks for your time and by all means either send me a message on here or at my email: saul.music.bragman@gmail.com

You can also see more stuff at my website: saulbragman.com

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